Swensee is an independent financial firm involved in Mergers & Acquisitions and Project Financing in Sub Saharan Africa, a rapidly changing continent with many opportunities.

Why Africa ?

  • the continent of the 21st century
  • A continent for sustainable and impact activities
  • A continent for innovators
  • A continent for entrepreneurs
  • A continent with massive hidden wealth


Why do we believe in Africa ?

We know the difficulties and the risks, but we are active there and we measure the opportunities.

How do we work?

Success may be achieved through constant and rigorous work following the highest professional standards.

What is our objective?

Generate profit, do interesting things and participate in making a better world.

Why swensee ?

Swensee gathers entrepreneurs coming from finance and oil&gas to provide investment and advisory services in Sub Saharan Africa, a rapidly changing continent full of opportunities and challenges.

Either as advisors or as executives, Swensee partners have worked for 30 years with corporations and institutions as well as Governments to implement their investments from the structuring stage to the execution.

Building on its experience, Swensee selects carefully the transactions on which it will focus.

Sub Saharan Africa share in the world population will grow from 13% in 2017 to 36% in 2100.


value proposition

Financial gain for clients, shareholders and stakeholders

Identification of new and exclusive opportunities

Seasoned and committed

An innovative team of entrepreneurs with a hands-on approach

Values : ethics, trust, sustainability and transparency

Focus on execution to reduce difficulties and risks

Access to numerous markets in SSA with high level connections

Matthieu Delouvrier
Interview for France 24
« L’entretien de l’intelligence économique »

Infrastructure needs in SSA are vast: at least US$93 billion per year, including US$ 40 billion for energy projects.


Matthieu Delouvrier

CEO, Paris

Matthieu has over 30 years of professional experience in Africa and in other emerging markets.

He spent 13 years as a Director at Lazard Frères, Paris renegotiating US$ 170 billion of sovereign debts (Russia, Poland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Venezuela…), restructuring industries, advising in M&A and project finance transactions.

He then joined the Swipco Group (management and technology services to public and health sectors) as deputy CEO and group CFO, responsible for the management of the holding company, M&A and investment.

He founded Swensee in 2005 and launched an innovative platform to support businesses in their international development. In view of the new opportunities in Africa, Matthieu transformed Swensee in 2015 bringing together entrepreneurs in a partnership to deliver advisory and investment services on the continent.
Matthieu holds a Master in International Economics from Paris University.

Key points

  • Execute a process : execution capabilities with African Governments and State companies at all levels.
  • Build a marketable « product » : broad experience of business sectors (especially in infrastructure) and financial instruments used in Africa.
  • Good corporate management practice.

cell : + 33 (0)6 14 02 54 68

cédric sirven

Partner, Paris

Cédric spent over 20 years in the oil and gas industry, mainly in developing countries across Cuba, Latin America and Africa.

From 1993 to 2006, he participated to the creation and development of PEBERCAN, a canadian oil exploration company operating in Cuba. He held several roles in the company such as CFO, COO and Administrator. He helped set up and manage teams, fundraising, conducting oil operations, and listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange (TSX). PEBERCAN made 3 oil discoveries in Cuba.

In 2006, Cédric co-founded Prestoil, a french oil exploration company operating in Congo (Brazzaville). As CEO, he installed and managed on-site management and operational teams. The company confirmed an oil discovery in Congo.

More recently, he was appointed General Secretary of SMP, French leader of onshore drilling operating in France, Gabon and Kenya.
Cédric is a graduate of Ecole Superieur de Gestion (Paris)..

Key points

  • Execute a process : credentials for negotiating with governments and executing complex oil&gas projects, including in Africa.
  • Build a marketable « product » : broad experience of business sectors (especially in infrastructure) and financial instruments used in Africa.
  • Good corporate management practice.

cell : +33 (0)6 20 59 85 38


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